Sicily is the largest island in Europe

You imagine a Greek temple perched on a hill dotted with wildflowers, sipping wine on the slopes of Europe’s tallest active volcano. The Baroque city of astonishing architectural unity, its sandstone facade shines golden in the setting sun. The seafood market is crowded with people, speaking with a local accent like a tuna steak the stall owner is cutting. An iridescent medieval mosaic, each tile is as bright and colorful as a plate of candied fruit in a pastry.

Why is Sicily the largest island in the Mediterranean?Sicily is the Mediterranean Sea. The Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Bourbon Spaniards, and Garibaldi freedom fighters have all traveled over the past two thousand years in the rewrite process. this history and culture. Traces were left on the Carrefour Islands.

Sicily’s regional fusion has many regional influences, so it’s very different from Italian cuisine. Centuries of trade with North Africa and the Arab world are evident in the extensive use of couscous in Trapani, green bean donuts panelle di ceci in Palermo, cinnamon and pistachios, while the rulers of the Island Spanish, Aragon, bourbon and bourbon have left their mark among the must-have side dishes of every Italian dish, Modica’s conquest-style caponata and cold chocolate. It’s a place filled with cultural, natural, and culinary riches, not to mention countless B-ways that aren’t designed to get anywhere quickly, so you should take them one at a time. 

Taormina has gained great popularity over the years, as evidenced by places like Edelweiss Bar or English Pharmacy. But whether you’re happily alone on a December morning or surrounded by selfie sticks in July, this view – Mount Etna quietly behind the destroyed domes of a house backstage Greek singing smoking a volcano cigar – still working its magic. But the nearby volcano, which locals simply call Muntagna, is well worth a visit. Around Randazzo to the north in and Milo to the west, vineyards add green to the black lava landscape, and Etna Rosso’s growing reputation as the “Burgundy of the Mediterranean” helped created a whole new kind of country boutique hotel and family restaurant. . One of the must-sees is Syracuse or Syracuse, with its Greek amphitheater and the charming old town of Ortygia, across from the port, where a colony of Here the Hugh defeated an entire fleet of ships. team of their city-state Athens. .More than Greek temples await at Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta – the latter perhaps a favorite of many, as eloquent as Shelley’s Ozymandias, witness to an isolated fallen empire.

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